Rangifer tarandus
1. Lateral view
2 & 3. Dorsal views,
male and female 4. Details
Reindeer, also known as caribou in N America, are found throughout the arctic regions, with many local varieties, varying in weight from 60kg to 300kg. They were present in Britain in the post-glacial period, but were probably extinct before Roman times. In 1952 Scandinavian reindeer were introduced to the Cairngorms, where they have become established.

The only species of deer in which the female has antlers, the male having a characteristic palmated brow tine.

Order - Artiodactyla 
Suborder - Ruminantia 
Family - Cervidae 

Dental Formula : /

1. Reindeer Skull, female, lateral view.
2 & 3. Reindeer skulls, male & female, showing antlers.

Details of Specimens illustrated

Image 1 & 3
Reindeer Rangifer tarandus
Sex - female
Stage - adult
Area collected - USA, captive bred
Source - Courtesy of Joey Williams
Overall length350mm Overall width155mm

Image 2
Reindeer Rangifer tarandus
Sex - male
Stage - adult
Area collected - West Greenland, lat. 67'
Source - Found on tundra

Scientific Name : Rangifer - From ren or rangier, Swedish and Old French words for reindeer, and ferus "wild".
Scientific Name : tarandus from the Latin tarandrus "animal of the north".

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