Some of My Pictures of Hale-Bopp, March - April 1997

A few facts about Hale-Bopp
Diameter of nucleus - about 25 miles. This gives (assuming a spherical shape) a volume of approximately 65,500 cubic miles, and a mass (assuming it has a density roughly equal to water)of 260,000 billion tonnes.
Length of tail - in late March, 50 to 60 million miles.
Date of last visit - 2213 BC
Date of next visit - 4300 AD (The period has changed because of perturbation by Jupiter)
Speed at perhelion - 98,000 mph
Closest approach to Earth - 122 million miles
Closest approach to the sun - 85 million miles

Feb 97, my first attempt to photographthe comet, from the car park at Birdoswald Roman Fort. The yellow glow is caused by the lights of Carlisle illuminating low cloud.
Comet Hale-Bopp symmetrically posed with the constellation of Cassiopeia in April.
My best views were obtained as the comet moved from Cassiopeia into Perseus in mid-April.
Comet Hale-Bopp over our house at 0300.

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