Hylobates sp.
1. Gibbon skull, lateral view
2. Gibbon skull, anterior view
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There are seven species of Gibbon, found in S.E. Asia. They are highly arboreal, being tailless, with very long arms. TAXONOMY
Order - Primates ('first' group)
Suborder - Anthropoidea ('man like')
Family - Hylobatidae ('forest walkers')

Dental Formula : /

1.Gibbon sp. lateral view.
2.Gibbon sp, anterior view.

Details of Specimens Illustrated
Image 1
Gibbon sp. Hylobates sp.
Stage - adult
Died in captivity
Overall length 102mm Zygomatic width 71.1mm

Scientific Name : Hylobates - 'forest walker'

Web Links
UMICH Animal Diversity Web
Gibbon Network Potentially useful site, but difficult to get to grips with. Partly in German.

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