Canis familiaris
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A robust skull, from a robust breed of dog, perhaps somewhat closer to the wolf than others, due to frequent interbreeding. This is the traditional Greenland sledge dog, also known as the Husky.
Order - Carnivora (typical carnivores)
Suborder - Canoidea ("dog-like")
Family - Canidae (dogs)

Dental Formula : / - Domestic dogs may very from this number.

1. Greenland Dog, lateral view.

Note apparent fracture of frontal bone. (see Greenland dog featured in my "Closer Look" section.)

2. Ventral view.

Details of Specimens Illustrated

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Greenland Dog Canis familiaris
Stage - adult
Source - Found dead at its picket, after a distemper outbreak.
Area - North-west Greenland (Thule)
Condylobasal length211mm Zygomatic width134mm
Palate length108mm Max. palate diameter78.1mm
Min. palate diameter46.7mm Nasal length83.4mm
Post-orbital constriction42.3mm Orbital diameter33.1mm

Scientific Name : Canis - Latin word for dog.
Scientific Name : familiaris - domestic (latin)
Breed Name : Husky - A sailors' slang word for Inuit, perhaps a corruption of "Eskimo". So their dogs were "Husky Dogs".

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