Canis familiaris
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A fine example of a dolichocephalic dog skull.
Order - Carnivora (typical carnivores)
Suborder - Canoidea ("dog-like")
Family - Canidae (dogs)

Dental Formula : / - Domestic dogs may vary from this number.

1. Brindled Greyhound skull, lateral view.
2. Ventral view.
3. Anterior view.

Details of Specimens Illustrated

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Brindled Greyhound Canis familiaris
Sex - Male (castrated)
Stage - adult
Weight - 26kg
Source - Destroyed by vet.
Area - UK
Achnowledgement - Courtesy of S. Hamilton-Dyer
Condylobasal length201mm Zygomatic width103mm
Palate length106mm Max. palate diameter64.6mm
Min. palate diameter30.3mm Nasal length75.1mm
Post-orbital constriction39.4mm Orbital diameter38.4mm

Scientific Name : Canis Latin word for dog.
Scientific Name : familiaris - domestic (latin)

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