Oryctolagus cuniculus & Lepus europaeus
1. Brown Hare, lateral view
2. Rabbit, lateral view
3. Rabbit & Brown Hare, ventral view
4. Details
The most obvious difference between these species, apart from size, is the relative width of the nasal passage (between the rear molars).

Overall lengths of adult skulls: Hare - over 90mm; Rabbit - under 85mm.

1. Brown Hare, lateral view

Typical features of Lagomorpha :

a) "Extra" incisors

b) Open "lattice-work" side of rostrum

2. Rabbit, lateral view
3. Rabbit (L), Brown Hare (R), ventral views

(Not to same scale)

Details of Specimens Illustrated

Image 1
Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus
Stage - adult
Date collected - March 1990
Area collected - Lincolnshire
Collection ref. - 90.004
Source - Found dead in field
Condylobasal length 69.8mm Zygomatic width 38.6mm
Jaw length 56.0mm Interorbital width 18.9mm

Latin Name : Oryctolagus "digging hare", from two Greek words orukter "digging tool" and lagos "rabbit";x cuniculus - Latinword for a rabbit.

Image 2
Brown Hare Lepus europaeus
Stage - adult
Date collected - May 1990
Area collected - Northumberland
Collection ref. - 90.018
Source - Road casualty
Condylobasal length86.1mm Zygomatic width47.9mm
Jaw length64.4mm Interorbital width26.8mm

Latin Name : Lepus "a hare"

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