Trichechus manatus
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Most aquatic mammals are members of diverse groups which have fairly recently returned to the water to exploit the rich marine animal life. Manatees differ in that they are entirely herbivorous, and appear to be a remnant of a more ancient group, unrelated to seals and whales.

Dental Formula : Manatees have no incisors or canines, and the number of cheek teeth is variable, being replaced from the rear like elephants. They may get through 80 cheek teeth in their lifetime !

1.Manatee Skull, lateral view.
1.Manatee Skull, ventral view.

Details of Specimens Illustrated

Image 1
Manatee Trichechus manatus
Sex - male
Stage - immature
Area collected - Apollo Beach, Florida, Dec 95
Condylobasal length347mm Overall width223mm
Whole animal length2820mm Weight307kg

Scientific Name : Trichechus - Greek "trichos" - hair, and "ekho" - I have, referring to their moustaches. manatus - from a Caribbean native name.

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