Mandrillus sphinx
1. Lateral view
2. Anterior view
3. Details
One of the strangest-looking of the old-world monkeys, with its bright colours and swollen snout, which can be seen to be a skeletal feature.

Also featured on this site Hamadryas Baboon and Chacma Baboon.

Order - Primates 
(lemurs, monkeys & apes)
Suborder - Anthropoidea 
Family - Cercopithecidae 
(old-world monkeys)

Dental Formula : /

1.Mandrill Skull, male, lateral view.
1.Mandrill Skull, male, anterior view.

The groove in the upper canines is typical of baboons.

Details of Specimens Illustrated

Image 1
Mandrill Mandrillus sphinx
Sex - male
Stage - adult
Area collected - USA - died in captivity
Source - courtesy of a private collector
Overall length252mm Zygomatic width146mm

Scientific Name : Mandrillus - "Drill" is a West African name for a baboon. The English name, here latinised, reflects its man-like attributes.
Scientific Name : sphinx - as in the mythological creature, presumably referring to its alarming appearance.

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