Ondatra zibethica
1. Lateral view
2. Ventral view
3. Dorsal view
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A native of N. America, the muskrat was farmed in the UK during the 1930's, its fur being marketed as "musquash". Escaped animals formed feral populations totalling several thousand, which were exterminated before 1940.
Dental Formula : 1.3/1.3

1. Muskrat skull, lateral view.
2. Muskrat skull, ventral view,

3. Muskrat skull, dorsal view.

Details of Specimens Illustrated

Image 1

Muskrat Ondatra zibethica
Area - Kansas
Collection ref. - 99.022

Condylobasal length71.8mm Zygomatic width44.6mm
Jaw length46.7mm Interorbital width6.5mm

Latin Name : Ondatra - Native American name, zibethica - "smelling like a civet", from the Italian "zibetto", the civet-cat.

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