Tayassu tajacu

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The peccaries form a group of three species, found in an area stretching from the southern US to Argentina.

While obviously pig-like, they have fewer teeth than Sus, and the upper canines grow downwards instead of outwards or upwards.

Order - Artiodactyla (cloven-hoofed)
Suborder - Suiformes ("pig-like")
Family - Tayassuidae (peccaries)

Dental Formula : / = 38

Collared 1.Collared Peccary Skull, lateral view.

Details of Specimens Illustrated

Image 1
Collared Peccary xxxTayassu tajacu
Stage - adult
Source - From the wild. Courtesy of private collector.
Overall length237mm Zygomatic width105mm

Scientific Name : Tayassu tajacu - Both names are variations on a native Brazilian name.

Scientific Name : Peccary is another local name, as is Javelina (spear), perhaps a reference to its sharp tusks.

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