Sus scrofa

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This wild boar was shot on farmland in the south of England. Escapes from wild boar farms have led, during the 1990's, to two free-living, breeding populations in England, one in Kent & East Sussex, and a smaller one in Dorset. The animals appear to be pure-bred wild stock.

Order - Artiodactyla (cloven-hoofed)
Suborder - Suiformes ("pig-like")
Family - Suidae (pigs)

Dental Formula : / = 44

1.Wild Boar skull, male, lateral view.
2. Ventral view.

3. Anterior view.

Left, back of skull damaged (gunshot)

Details of Specimens Illustrated

Image 1,2 & 3
Wild Boar xxxSus scrofa
Sex - male
Stage - adult (3rd molar erupting)
Area collected - S E England
Source - Loan from M Goulding
Condylobasal length356mm Zygomatic width160mm
Cheek tooth row length124mm Interorbital width82mm
Nasal length190mm Greatest width of nasals43mm

Scientific Name : Sus - "pig", (latin)
Scientific Name : scrofa - "breeding sow", (latin)

Web Links & References
British Wild Boar Website for the latest news on the progress of the UK population, plus lots of info on the natural history of wild boars.

Anon (1998) Current Status and Potential Impact of the Wild Boar in the English Countryside: a risk assessment.
MAFF Central Science Lab Report, October 1988

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