Mustela putorius, furo & vison
1. Ferret, lateral view
2. Mink, lateral view
3. Ferret & Mink compared
4. Details of specimens   illustrated
It is possible to separate Mink from wild Polecat skulls, but the situation iscomplicated by the presence of feral Ferrets which are variable and tend to overlap with both Polecats and Mink in some features. The examples illustrated here show that the Ferret skull is more robust in appearance, with a bigger occipital crest.
1.Polecat-ferret, male, lateral view.

This animal was a large tame ferret with polecat markings. ("Brian")

2. American Mink, male, lateral view
3. Polecat-Ferret (L) and Mink (R), ventral views, compared.

Details of Specimens Illustrated
Image 1
Ferret Mustela furo
Sex - male
Stage - adult
Collection ref. 93.015
Date collected - October 93
Area collected - Northumberland
Source - died in captivity
Condylobasal length67mm Zygomatic width41mm
Jaw length41mm Interorbital width16.5mm
Postorbital constriction14mm
Image 2
Mink Mustela vison
Sex - male
Stage - adult
Collection ref. 91.007
Date collected - September 91
Area collected - Northumberland
Source - trapped
Condylobasal length60mm Zygomatic width34mm
Jaw length33mm Interorbital width13mm
Postorbital constriction13mm

Latin Name : Mustela "a weasel";xputorius"evil smelling,xfuro "a thief",xvison- French word for the American Mink.

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