Ichnological Glossary


Bessalis Roman square brick, approximately 0.66 feet diameter

Bipedalis Roman square brick, approximately 2 feet diameter

Coin diameters 5p - 18.0mm, 1p - 20.3mm, 10p - 24.4mm, 2p - 25.9mm

Gait Mode of progression: e.g. walk, run, canter, 2 track bound, 4 track bound, gallop etc

Hallux First digit of a bird's foot, usually points backwards. (Equivalent to our big toe)

Ichnology The study of animal traces

Ichnospecies Species identified from its footprints. It may not be identical to the Linnaen species it is named after - e.g. it may refer to a more narrowly or widely defined population.

Lydion Rectangular Roman brick, width approximately 0.66 feet.

Manus Front foot of quadruped

Pedalis Roman square brick, approximately 1 foot diameter

Pes Hind foot of quadruped

Print Imprint of one foot

Print Group Section of a track containing a print from each foot

Print Length Greatest proximo-distal dimension (Overall length of a print, along its main axis, but not necessarily parallel to the track)

Print Width Overall width of a print, perpendicular to its length

Sesquipedalis Roman square brick approximately 1.5 feet diameter

Straddle Diameter of track at its widest point, measured across the oter edges of the footprints.

Stride Distance between consecutive prints of the same foot in a track, measured from the same point on each foot

Trace Imprint other than footprint, e.g. tail swipe or wingtip

Track Continuous series of prints, from which stride and straddle measurements can be made, and gait estimated