Macaca mulatta
1. Lateral view
2. Ventral view 
3. Anterior View
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Used in blood transfusion experiments, this species gave its name to a blood type. The Rhesus is still used as a laboratory animal, the probable source of this skull.
Order - Primates 
("first" group)
Suborder - Anthropoidea 
Family - Cercopithecidae 
("tailed apes")

Dental Formula : / = 32

rhesus 1. Rhesus Monkey skull, female, lateral view.
rhesus 2. Ventral view.

Note the erupting second molars.

rhesus 3. Anterior view.

Details of Specimens Illustrated

Image 1, 2
Rhesus monkey Macaca mulatta
Sex - female
Stage - immature (only one molar erupted)
Acknowledgement - Courtesy of private collector
Overall length102mm Zygomatic width68.1mm
Condylobasal length69.1mm

Scientific Name : Macaca From the Portugese word "macaque" = monkey.
Scientific Name : mulatta - latinised "mulatto"

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