Mustela erminea & nivalis

1. Lateral view
2. Details

Weasel and stoat skulls can only be reliably separated on size, but the largest male weasels can be larger than the smallest female stoats ! Nevertheless, they are "good species" and their skull lengths rarely overlap in Britain. Any skull less than 38mm overall length is almost certainly a weasel.
1. Weasel skull, lateral view.
Details of Specimens Illustrated
Image 1
Weasel Mustela nivalis
Sex - male
Stage - adult
Date collected - Jan 1995
Area collected - Northumberland
Collection ref. - 95.002
Source - trapped
Condylobasal length40.4mm Zygomatic width23.4mm
Jaw length20.0mm Interorbital width8.9mm
Post-orbital constriction8.9mm

Latin Name : Mustela "a weasel", nivalis "of the snow",erminea from hermine, a French word for a stoat.

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