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Vulpes vulpes
fox and dog footprints compared Fox (left) and dog prints. Note:

1. The difference in shape of the dog pes (left) & manus

2. There is a relatively larger space between the heel and front toes of the fox (white lines)

3. A line (black) can be drawn across a fox print without cutting any toes.

Diameter of coin 26mm

fox pes and manus Fox pes & manus

The shapes are similar but the manus is larger

Foxes have dense hair between their toes, especially in winter. The imprint of this hair can be seen clearly in the manus (lower) print.

image showing claws imprint Fox print showing two claws

alternative gait 'Crossover' Gait

Sometimes foxes - and dogs - use a peculiar gait in which the body is at an angle to the direction of travel. Consequently all the pes prints are on the same side of the manus prints.

SiteRiver Ouse, York
DateJanuary 2001
SubstrateMud-covered silt
Age of prints 1-2 days
Gait ?
Identification Similar shape of pes & manus, separation of toes, dense hair in centre of foot