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Footprints Website by Will Higgs: Archaeological section

Domestic Fowl (Chicken)

Gallus 'domesticus'

Archaeological footprints of domestic fowl

Two domestic fowl footprints are superimposed on this fragment, the two heel and two left claw impressions are marked H and C. In firm clay, only the prominent pads of the foot are recorded, giving rise to a sometimes confusing scatter of sub-circular impressions.

These can be mistaken for hobnail boot imprints (see other image) but in the latter the nail heads are often polygonal and do not have the characteristic scaly texture of a bird's foot. Also, the roughly linear edge of the boot can often be detected (indicated as "E"). Archaeological human footprints on Roman tile

Partial hobnail boot imprint on Roman tile. A maker's triple fingertip signature is present.

DETAILS (Both fragments)
SiteWainscott Four Elms Roundabout, Kent; probable Roman tilery
Excavation Date1990s, Canterbury Archaeological Trust
Age of substrate2cnd to 3rd century AD
Identification (Fowl)Scaly pads arranged in a three-toed pattern, with prominent claws.
Held byCanterbury Archaeological Trust