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Most people, even without any training in anatomy, can pick out the human from a collection of animal skulls. Why? Because human skulls are so wierd !

Our gigantic brain, in its great rounded case, is the human skull's most obvious feature and is at the root of all that wierdness. The design brief is further complicated by our upright stance, requiring weight-saving measures and major reorganisation of the base of the skull. Consequently our muzzle has been reduced to a ludicrously small nose, and our nondescript teeth and weak jaw muscles betray the fact that we long since gave up eating raw, bulky food.

human skull

1. Human skull, lateral view
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human skull

2. Human skull, anterior vew
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Order - Primates (foremost)
Suborder - Haplorhini (simple-nosed)
Family - Hominidae (humans)

Scientific Name:
Homo - "man" (Latin)
sapiens - "wise" (Latin)

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Collection Data
Stage - Adult
Sex - Female
Source - Courtesy of a private collector