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I enjoy receiving photos of found skulls and thought it would be instructive to show these as examples of “real” specimens, a little more challenging than idealised studio shots and each with its own story to tell.

A skull can't always be identified to species from a photo, but if you think you can improve on my identifications - let me know, and if you find an interesting skull, please send me a photo.

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Andrew : Oxfordshire

The long antler pedicles arising from pronounced ridges and the large, deep sub-orbital pits identify this as the skull of a male muntjac deer. Unfortunately, the impressive tusks are missing.

On this website at Chinese Muntjac Deer

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Brett : Shawnee, Oklahoma

The skull of a large animal with the eye socket completely ringed with bone is likely to be from a hoofed mammal (or human !). This is from an artiodactyl (cloven-hoofed mammal), and the large, deep pit in front of the eye socket suggests that it is a deer skull. At around 150mm without the pre-maxillas it is a small species, perhaps a white-tailed deer.

Similar species on this website at Red Deer

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Karen : S. Carolina

Although only a fragment, the typical tooth arrangement of a rodent can be clearly seen. There is only one rodent this big - a beaver.

On this website at Beaver


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